Studio Akemi
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Illustration, Motion Graphics, Scripting

A major part of Studio Akemi's work is helping researchers and academic entities communicate the significance of their studies and reach a larger audience. Last year, Scrappers Film Group and Studio Akemi tackled a video for the Behavioral Insights and Parenting Lab (BIP Lab) signature project, the Parents and Children Together (PACT) study.

We're currently working on a a video trilogy and activity book for BIP Lab's next study.

PACT Video: Behavioral tools can promote parent investments in children's education

BIP Lab's co-directors are savvy communicators and aesthetes. Publishing a paper legitimized the study but a results video allowed BIPLab to share their work with both the behavioral science research community and the public. It is also an effective recruitment tool for new team members and study participants.

The lab's a part of the University of Chicago's Harris School. Designing this video required an adherence to the universities' brand identity while creating unique visuals for BIP Lab. A suite of icons, character designs, and modern, engaging charts are a hallmark of the PACT video.

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